Watch Sia’s Entire Coachella Performance

April 18, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Check out Sia’s theatrical hour-long set.


Sia’s hour-long theatrical set at Coachella was a carefully planned production.

It’s curious Sia opted to perform in front of thousands of festival attendees on Sunday considering she attempts to remain as anonymous as possible. Her compromise was the usual bob wig and oversized bow that covered her eyes as she sang through more than 10 of her biggest hits, including “Alive,” Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” “Cheap Thrills,” “Big Girls Cry,” “Bird Set Free,” “Reaper,” “One Million Bullets,” “Elastic Heart,” “Unstoppable,” “Breathe Me,” “Titanium” and “Chandelier.”

Sia powered through her catalogue while a spectacle took place around her, whether it be two male dancers dressed in ****-colored leotards prancing around in sync, or featuring her video muse, Maddie Ziegler, who performed for half-a-dozen songs during the concert.

Via Fuse: “On “Diamonds,” a man presented his disco-ball gloves to the audience and watched as beams of light bounced off of them. During “Bird Set Free,” Paul Dano emerged as a corporate slave entranced by the wonder of a feather. Sia’s show featured Kristen Wiig crying in a metal chair, a rabbit and panda involved in a domestic dispute and a woman in oversized trousers smashing panes of glass to exert her power. Throughout the performance, Sia was to the side, face covered (as expected) and soaring through her melismas with ease (also expected). The visuals never overshadowed Sia’s singing; instead, the stories helped her tell those of the songs more persuasively.”

It even had all the stars gabbing, including Katy Perry, Alessia Cara and Darren Criss.

Watch below:

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