Selena and new boyfriend Zedd have premiered the music video for collaboration “I Want You To Know”.

In the long, cruel wait for Selena Gomez’s second solo record (RIP The Scene), “I Want You To Know”, the lead single from Zedd’s forthcoming album, is pretty much all we have to sustain us, so it’s a good job they’re getting on with promoting it.

The video debuted on Vevo this evening and whilst it’s nothing revolutionary, Selena looks amazing and the track is a real grower.

Check it out below:

The visual is a typical club-based clip, which is perhaps appropriate for Gomez’s most emphatic dance track yet, featuring Selena dancing with outrageously attractive friends, looking fierce whilst dripping with sweat, kissing a bathroom mirror (ew, germs.) Basically me on a Friday night. It doesn’t exactly have any plot to speak of, but there are plenty of shots of Selena and Zedd engaging in a staring contest, so there’s that.

The video’s nothing special, but the track gets better with every play. Produced and co-written by Zedd (Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande) with Ryan Tedder (everyone ever) this is the kind of song that would go off in the club. And, maybe in backlash to the amount of EDM that was floating around at the beginning of the decade, we don’t have too many of those right now.

The track is taken from Zedd’s as-of-yet untitled second album, so it probably doesn’t indicate the direction for Selena’s (sort of) sophomore release but this wouldn’t be a bad path to take.

What do you think of the video for “I Want You To Know”? Could this be a big hit for Selena?