You’re in control of the horror.


Rihanna’s NSFW video gets an interactive 360-degree version.

The internet lost its **** in July when the long-awaited “***** Better Have My Money” visual finally dropped and we watched Rihanna kidnap and torture a woman, get high with her gang, serve numerous major looks and finally kill a man.

Then, an extended version made its way online and the final edit cut out a whole bunch of epic scenes – including the actual murder, which we can now watch from “The Accountant”‘s eyes as it happened, and YOU control what’s being seen.

Rihanna cuts the man’s tongue and arms off in that transparent PVC dress and puts him away for good – not before posing for a pic holding the bloody tongue, of course.

The original video caused an influx of think-pieces about violence, feminism and who knows what else, but if this had been put on VEVO back in July then the hysteria would have been one million times worse.

Try it here: