Kelly Rowland’s newly-formed band are the next big thing.


“Girl, I feel like I might have found my husband.”

Believe dat. That’s the attention-grabbing opening lyric to Chasing Destiny’s new song “All Of Us.” The recently-formed girl group met during Kelly Rowland’s singing competition of the same name.

In Chasing Destiny, Rowland embarks on a quest to create the next big girl group along with Destiny’s Child choreographer Frank Gatson Jr. For their search, the twosome hosted a series of casting calls in markets like Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta to scout out talented hopefuls.

“I don’t want reality stars. I want stars,” Kelly said in April. “We were going to do this whether TV cameras were with us or not. We were going to have our own cameras. But after talking to Stephen (BET president of programming Hill), he said he’d like to be a part of the show,” she told Billboard back in December. “I was just happy that he saw how necessary a girl group is just as much as we do. Because there’s only only one out there now, Fifth Harmony.”

This week, Rowland told InStyle of the show: “I feel like it showcases empowerment and comraderie for women to come together and work together and make money together.”

The band dropped their new song “All Of Us” ahead of the show’s season finale. Listen to the mid-tempo R&B jam here:

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