Watch Nicole Scherzinger's "On The Rocks" Video

Let’s take a shot since you been taking shots.

Nicole Scherzinger’s music video for “On The Rocks” shows the former Pussycat Doll struggling with a breakup – and her ex-flame’s way of coping is having a drink… on the rocks. So she breaks all of his ****.

Nicole told BBC Radio 1 the song is about one of her past relationships:

“This song is really personal to me. I love it. It’s a break up song.”

“I want the girls and all the people out there who’s ever had a hard time in a relationship to put this song on repeat and feel really empowered.”

She says she wanted the video in black and white, adding “it’s very cinematic.”

“I just wanted the video to not feel like a music video, just really authentic and really raw. It’s very empowering. It’s a very emotional and personal song for me.”

See it here: