Meghan Trainor’s shimmery “No Excuses” video has arrived.

Meghan Trainor’s shimmery “No Excuses” video has arrived.

Now that I’ve watched and re-watched M-Train’s new video for “No Excuses,” I have so many questions. Why is the track only two-and-a-half minutes long? Why are there three Meghans in every scene? Was this originally an ad for Old Navy? Inquiring minds need to know.

“What you sippin’ on that got you talking crazy? / Lookin’ at me sideways, always coming at me,” she sings over Andrew Wells’ sugary production. “Why you, why you acting hard when you just a baby? / Boy, I keep it real with you, but you trying to play me.” It’s a lot of fun.

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The Colin Tilley-directed video is something reminiscent of Meghan’s “All About That Bass” days, and I’m not mad at it, but it also feels like a missed opportunity to show us how life, superstardom and falling in love has changed her. “No Excuses” is way too basic. There’s absolutely no denying that the song will embed itself in your brain all day today though.

Check it out below:

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3 Responses

  1. I think this is what everybody expected from her. “If it ain’t broken…..”
    But this was released the same day as Iggy Azalea’s video for “Savior”, which is a masterpiece.
    I love both things, the sugary superficial stuff of “No Excuses”, and the pop excellence and profoundness of “Savior”. I’d just hate it if the last got lost over the first one…

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