Watch Marina And The Diamonds’ Q&A

March 17, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Watch Marina And The Diamonds' Q&A

Marina and the Diamonds sat down for half an hour to answer questions in her ever-popular FAQin’ Hell live chat.

Marina hand-picked some of the questions like the one about her “beef” with Nicki Minaj, **** shaming, if she considers herself a feminist, the reality of ****, how she reacts to fans if she’s in a bad mood (it happens) and “Froot” leaking ahead of schedule.

The video is quite long, so here are the Top 3 questions from Marina’s Q&A:

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Why she called Nicki Minaj unbearable:

I did mean that at the time, but I was lying on my sofa and I was watching American Idol and she was being so mean to Mariah Carey. I don’t know why, maybe they just didn’t get on, so that’s why I Tweeted it. But I do like Nicki Minaj and I like some of her music.

On the “Froot” leak.

“I think people don’t really wana discuss leaks, cause it’s like ‘shhh no it doesn’t happen,’ but for me I’m just like ‘Well, we’re living in a digital age. No campaign ever goes smoothly because campaigns are highly orcehstrated, very stressful… it’s kind of like a rocky road. Things happen. When the problem occurs, the best thing you can do is make a calm decision. Actually, when the leak happened, other things were going on in my life; something with my family happened. I really didn’t give a **** that it leaked. Things are way more important. So we kind of made a decision – me and my manager Jeff – and I feel happy about it.”

The story behind the song “Savages:”

It started when I was reading an article about the Boston bombings. The journalist had said ‘it’s so hard to reconcile while one man can be running for charity to save peoples’ lives, while another man is making a bomb to blow these people up. It just made me, at the time I was seeing the news and kind of noticing how things like **** stories and huge misogyny were very very prominent… as opposed to having a gut moral reaction to those stories, it was more thinking why humans are wired the way they are. For example ****, this isn’t a particularly new practice. This has been going on since the beginning of man and woman unfortunately, and it’s such a horrendous thing to have to deal with as a society. It is something that is in us. In the news what I notice is people are condemning it and saying ‘you have to punish this person,’ which is absolutely right, however no one is really questioning why that trait is in embedded in us. That’s what i wanted to write the song about. It’s having to acknowledge and accept that there are some things about humanity and human beings that are natural but are negative.

She comes across extremely educated and eloquent throughout the lengthy clip. It’s a shame she hasn’t seen more critical success in the music industry, but I have a feeling that time will come.

Watch the entire FAQin’ Hell below: