I’d eat it. NGL

Watch Mariah Carey Make Pie Full Of Fritos and M&Ms

Add skilled Frito pie chef to her Wikipedia intro.

Mariah Carey is just hours away from kicking off night one of her big time “#1 to Infinity” Las Vegas residency, so to get you in the mood, the pop dahhling teamed up with Funny Or Die to show off her cooking skillz. Duh. On Wednesday (May 6), the comedy video website published their new skit with the not so elusive chanteuse and homegirl revealed her signature dish: a Frito pie. Shout out to the “Infinity” lyric reference!

Cooking with Mariah Carey is everything you’ve expect it to be. She’s wearing surgical gloves with an accompanying butterfly ring and takes momentary pauses to fix her hair because that’s what you do when your hands are full of whip cream. Even though “Cooking with Mariah Carey … and also with Bryan” features appearances from her former flame Frito (lol) and director Brett Ratner, I can’t wrap my head around the damn Frito pie. I have so many questions. How many people does it feed? What’s the measurement ratio of lettuce and Hot’n Spicy BBQ flavored Fritos? What if she’s been feeding this to Dem Babies all these years?!

Ugh. The world may never know. Good luck tonight tonight, Mimi!

Watch Mariah cook up a storm in the skit below!

Cooking with Mariah Carey from Funny Or Die

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