It was Madonna’s way to tell her Australian fans she loves them.


Madonna paraded herself around as a clown as a way to say thank you to fans.

The Queen of pop hadn’t toured Australia in 23 years, so to prove her love for the fans down under, Madonna performed a free two-hour not-so-secret show called Tears Of A Clown at The Forum Theatre in Melbourne. Fans who got the heads up waited in line for hours ahead of her set, who didn’t take the stage until 11:30 p.m. Thursday night (three hours after doors were meant to open). Fans at the show said the delay was due to Madonna rehearsing up until the last minute.

The Rebel Heart singer made light of her ultra-famous persona by rocking clown makeup and ensemble during the entire show. Things took a turn for serious when she dedicated her song “Intervention” to son Rocco, who is the center of a custody battle between his mom and dad Guy Ritchie. Madonna is urging a judge to send Rocco home to New York from London where he currently resides, but to no avail.

Madonna kicked off the show with a comedy skit before performing “Drowned World” and “Substitute for Love” from 1998’s Ray Of Light. Other songs included “Borderline,” “Take a Bow,” “I’m So Stupid,” “Nobody’s Perfect,” “Don’t Tell Me,” “Love Spent,” “Joan of Arc,” and “Holiday.”

Watch the entire show below:

Madonna – Tears Of A Clown

Madonna – Tears Of A Clown – Thanks for streaming, Cheeconay!

Posted by Dubtronic on Thursday, March 10, 2016

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