To be young and in love.

Lana Del Rey released an otherworldly music video for “LOVE.”

Lana didn’t have a say when her new Rick Nowels-produced single hit the net ahead of schedule, but her imaginative new music video for “LOVE” is a different story.

Director Rich Lee (Fergie “LA Love,” Eminem and Rihanna’s “The Monster”) helped Lana concoct a world for young people to escape into during one of her performances. To get there, they must journey through time and space, a place where love knows no boundaries or judgement. When they arrive, Lana’s there – drawing them in with her deadly gaze and intoxicating voice. This one’s for us.

Watch the stunning clip below:

Lana announced the video to fans by hopping onto Instagram Live, which you can watch below as well:

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