Lady Gaga released a music video for “Look What I Found.”

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I cleared my not very busy schedule this weekend to watch A Star Is Born. Without giving anything away, I ugly cried during one of the more emotional scenes. When the older lady sitting next to me grabbed her husband’s hand to hold… I lost it. Definitely go check it out.

I also spent most of my waking hours on Saturday and Sunday streaming the soundtrack. It’s exceptionally great!

There are a handful of songs that are reminiscent of “The Cure.” Those tracks are what Gaga’s character Ally begins to release during her rise to fame (“Heal Me,” “Why Did You Do That?,” “Hair Body Face”). But “Look What I Found” was pre-stardom, and there’s a cute video – footage from the film – to soundtrack it.

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The song was co-produced with DJ White Shadow. Read our interview with him here.

Watch below:

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