Feminine and soft but she’s still a boss.

Feminine and soft but she’s still a boss.

The pop star was secretly recorded before one of her recent Witness shows, and it appears she’s letting her tour crew know their tardiness is not appreciated.

Katy tells someone off camera she’ll have to do the rest of the meet & greets “after the show,” because there just wasn’t enough time.

“I’m sorry, it’s just one of those things,” she said. “Because they’ll [referring to her fans] want me to not rush them along.”

Major props! Katy could have easily spent 20 seconds with each person and sent them on their merry way, but she’s woke. 


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A Katy Kat dressed in an almost identical outfit as the pop star can be seen standing there, frozen, unsure of how to react or what to do. As if a sudden move will inspire Katy to pounce on the nearest employee and devour their jugular. I really appreciate this clip.

Watch below:

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