Kanye paid tribute to one of the judges in hopes of earning a golden ticket.


Does he have what it takes?

Every year, thousands of hopefuls flock to American Idol auditions all over the country for their chance at stardom. A couple of months ago, Kanye West became one of those hopefuls, stepping out in front of the judges to try and score a coveted golden ticket.

In anticipation of American Idol’s final season premiere this week, Kanye’s full audition made it onto the web today and it’s (almost) just like any other audition (if you don’t count the fact that he’s already a Grammy winning superstar and his wife Kim Kardashian is waiting for him in the wings).

He starts by answering the basic auditions questions: “what’s your name?” and “where are you from?”, before performing a verse from his hit “Gold Digger”. The song choice is in tribute to judge Jennifer Lopez, who’s mentioned in the song, and was clearly grateful for the shout-out.

But the question is: did he do enough to earn a golden ticket? Watch below to find out:

Kanye isn’t exactly known for his sense of humour, so it’s always nice to get a glimpse of his lighter side!

Thoughts? Would Kanye make it through if he wasn’t famous?