Bad move, Bieber.


Justin Bieber was in Cleveland for the NBA finals yesterday when he got himself into a fight.

Seemingly unprovoked, the angry 22-year-old threw the first punch before quickly being put to the ground by an unidentified man twice his size.

While fighting in the street is always generally tacky and unpleasant to watch, it is pretty hilarious to see Bieber act the tough guy then get the truth handed to him in seconds.

Justin is currently in the middle of The Purpose Tour’s North American leg and his recent actions have sparked outrage from his fans, with his ‘bad-boy’ antics (read: ******* attitude) reappearing.

Even when paparazzi aren’t there to catch the footage, somebody else with an iPhone is ready to sell it to TMZ. Sorry, Scooter Braun!

Watch Biebs fight below.

Don’t worry, though. Bieber confirms he’s all good.

Not a scratch on this pretty boy

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