Jessie is competing to win China’s Singer 18 show on Hunan TV.  So far, she’s sung two songs. She nailed both.

Jessie J brings down the house with a fiery performance of “Domino” and a cover of a Whitney Houston classic.

You might be wondering why Jessie J is subjecting herself to a talent competition television show considering she’s a bonafide recording artist in her own right and was a judge on The Voice U.K. and The Voice Australia. I thought that, too. My head screamed A FLOP! But after a brief moment of reflection, it’s actually really cool she’s doing this.

Jessie is competing to win China’s Singer 18 show on Hunan TV. So far she’s sung her own hit, “Domino,” as well as a soaring cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” She nailed both of them.

Why does this make sense? During her time as a judge on The Voice, Jessie said she’d rather be competing than be a judge.

“It’s really time consuming and if I’m being honest with you, I get to the point where I’m in the chair and I just wanna sing,” Jessie said last year of working on the show. “I’m sitting there and I want to tell them, ‘You have to do it better and I’m trying to coach you, but I just want to make it a duet.'”

I have a feeling other singers are going to follow suit! And props to Jessie for pushing herself.

Watch the performances below:

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