Watch Hilary Duff Perform “Sparks” On Ellen

May 14, 2015 By Jordan Miller

And it doesn’t feature Tinder ads this time.

Thank you Hilary Duff for performing “Sparks” live on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

It’s quite the day for Miss Duff. Not only did she release the new title & cover for her upcoming album, “Breathe In Breathe Out,” but she debuted her Tinder ad / music video for “Sparks.” Her latest single off the record sees a proper performance on Ellen, complete with her best attempt at live singing and some calculated choreography. The vocals were a bit shaky, but we appreciate the effort to make the performance as organic as possible. The dancing consisted of mellow pacing, gyrating hips (tickin’ tockin’ like a bomb) and circular arm propulsions, but we’ll forgive her because the song is one of our favorite guilty pop pleasures this year. One thing she won’t get away with so easily is the destruction of the music video no thanks to the plethora of random B-roll thrown in for reasons unknown to us. If we sound bitter about that, it’s because we are.

Check out her Ellen appearance above.

PS – someone dubbed the entire “Sparks” song over the original video so you aren’t distracted by all the dialogue. Enjoy!

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