Say hello to HJ5.


Say hello to HJ5.

Gwen Stefani is rap-singing in a new promo video for her upcoming cartoon series on Nickelodeon titled Kuu Kuu Harajuku, which centers around a girl-group band named HJ5 consisting of Love, Angel, Music, Baby and G.

Like, the Spice Girls of anime.

Rolling Stone conveniently broke it down for us: Love is the “brain of the crew”; Angel has a “sunshine demeanor”; Music will “put up a fight”; Baby is “sweet as can be”; and Stefani-inspired leader G’s “got your back.” The characters, which materialized from Stefani’s 2004 LP Love. Angel. Music. Baby., will “battle aliens, politicians and various obstacles, continuously interrupting their attempts to perform live.”

“Stefani [has always had a] love of pop art and lifelong admiration for the street fashion and creative youth culture found in the renowned Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan,” reads a press release via Us Weekly. “It was while writing her first solo album that Stefani created the original Harajuku Girl characters as a celebration of the creativity and individualism she saw and loved in the Harajuku District.”

Watch this clip of Stefani doing the most:

The 26-episode series, co-created and executive produced by Stefani, will air Monday, October 3rd through Friday, October 7th at 4 p.m.

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