It’s a techno fantasy, per usual.

Empire of The Sun -Celerate Video-1

The Australian electro rock duo Empire of the Sun released a video for their latest single “Celebrate” from their sophomore album Ice on the Dune.

Shot on location in South Korea, the video shows the band’s front man, Luke Steele, lighting up the city with mysterious lights and smoke shooting from his body.

The song is a solid release from the band, but the video’s timing is odd. The first two singles, “Alive” and “DNA,” were released last summer and it’s rumored that their third CD, Every Ocean Tells A Story, will be released soon. Perhaps this release is to drum up continued support while they continue to tour this summer.

Nonetheless, it is great to see something new from the duo, even if the material is slightly reductive of their previous efforts. The band has a very clear aesthetic mash up of mystery, campiness, and Asian culture, but this video doesn’t move them forward.

Empire of the Sun-Celebrate Video 2

The video for “Celebrate” might be an exciting release for any other band, but it’s a sharp decline in production value and creativity that Empire of the Sun fans have come to expect. Maybe it’s time the duo shake up their aesthetics.

Here is a look back at one of their greatest songs and videos “Walking On A Dream” from their debut album Walking On A Dream.

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