Ed Sheeran has premiered the video for Rudimental’s remix of “Bloodstream” which features ‘Goodfellas’ star, Ray Liotta.

Following a string of increasingly brilliant live performances, Ed Sheeran has finally got on with it and released the best song from 2014’s smash hit ‘X’. It stands to reason that the best track from the album would receive the best video treatment and Sheeran doesn’t disappoint with the visual for “Bloodstream”.

Check it out below the jump:

The video is somewhat of a cross between “Blank Space” and GTA: Vice City, starring Ray Liotta as an ageing, dissatisfied rock star with a giant, empty house, plenty of gold plaques and more money than brains. The message of the clip is quite clearly that money can’t buy you happiness and that sometimes having everything isn’t enough, which, although a tired concept, Emil Nava’s direction expresses in a way that feels unique and interesting.

The aesthetic is solid and the visual is shot beautifully – all in all, it functions superbly as an accompaniment to the song. The song which, incidentally, benefits enormously from Rudimental’s remix, giving the otherwise languid track a much needed burst of energy. Sheeran’s original arrangement isn’t altered too much but the instrumental is overhauled with a building, urgent drumbeat that makes it feel less like alt-acoustic pop and more like a throwback to the days of drum and bass’ overwhelming popularity.

The only baffling thing about the video is the inclusion of yet another horse. Is it a nod to Ed’s BFF Taylor Swift? Is it another sign of too much cash destroying your better judgement? Is it the continued impact of “Radar”? Who knows. Whichever way you slice it, it’s bizarre.

All things considered, it’s an extremely solid effort from Sheeran and one that’ll hopefully boost the popularity of “Bloodstream”, which has yet to make any meaningful chart impact (perhaps due to the seemingly endless reign of “Thinking Out Loud”).

What do YOU think of Ed Sheeran’s new video?