Christina Aguilera appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers to impersonate Britney Spears Samantha from *** & The City.

After her singing impression of Britney Spears went viral earlier this week, Christina dropped by Late Night to chat about The Voice, her new Grammy win, acting on Nashville and does a pretty spot-on impression of Samantha from the HBO’s *** & The City.

“You did an incredible Kim Cattrall in *** and the City,” Meyers told Xtina. “It was one that, at the table, I would call a gasp moment, where everybody’s like, ‘Oh, ****!”

“It was fun,” said Christina with a laugh. “I was obsessed with that show at the time…Kim was always talking like this [changes her voice]—and the big line of that [SNL] skit, like her big secret coming out was, ‘I’m a dude!'”

Plus watch her talk about Blake Shelton below: