Pure pop pleasure.

Camila Cabello’s performance of “Havana” on The Tonight Show was a pure pop pleasure.

Before she took the stage, Camila warmed up the track by swapping out the word “Havana” for “Madonna” (who was the special guest), but by the time she plunged into the dance heavy routine, CC was on fire.

It’s pretty exciting to watch her Pharrell-produced hit take a life of its own. The song is currently sitting at No. 64 on the Hot 100 with barely any promotion, but I imagine a few more performances like this will give the track a healthy bump.

She explained the meaning behind “Havana” in her in her interview. “This song was really special to play for her, because I have such a big part of her culture and to integrate it with the current things that I listen to was really cool,” Camila said. “My grandma has a really visceral way of listening to music. She’s a Cuban lady, she feels it with her whole body and I played her ‘Havana’, and there’s a bit where the beat drops and she was like ‘Ay! Adios!’,” she continued. “I just look at her laptop and the song is on constant play, to the point where we’ll have conversations and I’ll hear ‘Havana, ooh na na’ super quietly.”

Watch below:

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