Britney and Will.I.Am sat down with Ryan Seacrest for iHeart radio before her album listening party in LA two weeks ago.

She talks about working on “Britney Jean” as well as the crowd interaction in her Vegas shows.

On the William Orbit-produced song, “Alien,” Britney tells Ryan why it’s so personal to her.

“There’s a certain moment in all of our lives where we feel kind of alone,” Britney tells Ryan, “and you feel alienated from peopleā€¦ you actually kind of do it to yourself, but it’s something that you do not out of choice, it’s something that happens. It’s human nature.”

She also says “Don’t Cry” is “about a relationship and what you go through and trying to hold it together.”

Britney says executive producer Will.I.Am conceptualized many of the songs off the record and draws things out that will stir up emotions and stories to create a great song.

“A lot of the concepts for the songs he came up with…And we just hit it off. He’s really cool.”

She mentions Janet Jackson inspiring her and wanting to re-create moments like that to share with her fans.

The atmosphere when Britney and Will record is very structured and professional.

Will tells Ryan: “What I learned working with Britney is: the time that’s allotted is like the most productive time. We’re not messing around, we’re not sitting around. When you’re in the booth it’s like work work work, focus focus focus.”

“I’ve been a fan of Britney since the beginning,” added, “but the thing that made me a fan, fan was ‘Toxic.’ I was jealous when I heard that song ‘Toxic’!” Britney responded, “That’s so sweet! That’s cool!” Pretty darn cool.

“It Should Be Easy,” the Will.I.Am feature off “Britney Jean” is about the idea of love of being, but never is.

“The concept of love should be easy,” Britney says, “and we tend to make things complicated because we as people innately do that – it’s our human instinct not just let go and be vulnerable – to love, but to complicate and put a wall up and not allow it in. That’s love.”

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