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Watch Blue Ivy Bid $19,000 On A Painting At A Gala Honoring Beyonce

Blue Ivy’s concept of spending is exactly what you think it’d be.

Blue Ivy’s concept of spending is exactly what you think it’d be.

Blue Ivy is six-years-old. She probably does not truly understand what money is, or how much the average person thinks the number 19,000 is. That’s the beauty of this moment captured at the 2nd Annual Wearable Art Gala in Los Angeles on Saturday where her mom Beyonce was honored with the humanitarian award.

At the gala, Star Jones emceed an auction. There were all sorts of historical gems a room full of rich people bid on, but what caught Blue Ivy’s attention was an acyclic painting of Sidney Poitier.

Her initial bid was $17,000.

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You can see JAY Z try and grab the paddle out of Blue’s hands, but to no avail. She ended up bidding against herself and again at $19,000. Meanwhile, Beyonce is sitting beside her and laughing. I absolutely love this completely unrelatable situation.

Unfortunately, Blue didn’t win. Adult Tyler Perry did with a bid of $20,000, but Blue’s attempt was priceless.

Watch below:


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  1. I think we should be talking about Jay-Z’s hair, for some silly reason I thought he was bald but he is definitely not and he looks FINE now, okaaaayyy….. <3

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