Watch An American Idol Contestant Tell Katy Perry He Loves Taylor Swift

March 19, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Katy Perry loves Taylor Swift… as a songwriter.

Katy Perry loves Taylor Swift… as a songwriter.

Now I understand why American Idol dished out $25 million to land Katy Perry as a judge. Only a few episodes of the reboot have aired, and there’s already a few viral gems thanks to the Witness singer.

Receipts: here she is impersonating a frog, here she is unapologetically flirting with a taken man, and watch as she steals a 20-year-old virgin’s first kiss from him (he’s legit bummed about that, too).

The latest awkward moment comes when fellow judge Luke Bryan asks one of the guys who’s auditioning who he looks up to.

“I’m sorry for this, Katy. Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift,” he says.



Katy plays it cool, but you can tell the moment caught her off guard a little.

“I love her as a songwriter as well,” she says with a fumble.

I still firmly believe ABC should have left Idol six feet under, but I do appreciate moments like these.

Watch below:



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