Katy Perry loves Taylor Swift… as a songwriter.

Katy Perry loves Taylor Swift… as a songwriter.

Now I understand why American Idol dished out $25 million to land Katy Perry as a judge. Only a few episodes of the reboot have aired, and there’s already a few viral gems thanks to the Witness singer.

Receipts: here she is impersonating a frog, here she is unapologetically flirting with a taken man, and watch as she steals a 20-year-old virgin’s first kiss from him (he’s legit bummed about that, too).

The latest awkward moment comes when fellow judge Luke Bryan asks one of the guys who’s auditioning who he looks up to.

“I’m sorry for this, Katy. Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift,” he says.


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Katy plays it cool, but you can tell the moment caught her off guard a little.

“I love her as a songwriter as well,” she says with a fumble.

I still firmly believe ABC should have left Idol six feet under, but I do appreciate moments like these.

Watch below:



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6 Responses

  1. I’m not a fan of Katy Perry but she’s literally doing the show. The other judges are non-existent and since everyone knows the only thing people care about are viral moments, Katy is doing all the right moves.

    1. By all the right moves, you mean focusing more on antics than the music? Calling a taken dude **** words or sexually harassing a guy who clearly said he doesn’t want a kiss on the lips from her yet she used her platform as a judge to abuse that power? Yet if any of the male judges did any of that to a girl, they would get fired and have their entire future career ruined?….. yeah ‘all the right moves’. She needs to be fired and dragged and replaced with an actual singer. She used to be good back in the day, but now she’s just a drama queen doing things for the likes and gets away with it.

      1. I don’t understand why people constantly say “I miss the old Katy…” when she’s the exact same. She’s always been goofy, borderline ditzy with questionable comments. I love her!

      2. What I mean tbh is she gets press. Like I said the only thing people care about are viral moments, and that’s what she’s giving the show. In selling the show, she’s getting press. That’s what I meant. Of course she’s over the top and very cringey at times but I didn’t see articles about what Lionel Richie did or anyone else come close to the buzz she’s getting.

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