You’re gonna wanna take a break from listening to 25 to watch this skit.


Will the real Adele please stand up?

To coincide with Adele’s long-awaited album 25 dropping today, the BBC aired a concert special in the UK, showcasing live performances as well as a sit-down interview with Graham Norton.

As part of the hour-long special, the singer also teamed up with Graham for a hilarious segment in which she pretended to be an Adele impersonator. The “When We Were Young” singer donned a disguise, that included a prosthetic nose and chin and altered her voice and walk to blend in with the other impersonators for a round of auditions.

Calling herself “Jenny”, Adele managed to fool the impersonators, which is pretty impressive considering they have devoted their lives to studying Adele’s every move and attempting to be like her.

They can only be fooled for so long though. When it comes time for Jenny to audition, they quickly recognize Adele’s famous voice and, naturally, freak the hell out.

Watch it all go down here:

Adele may the queen of heartbreak, but she’s also damn funny, guys. Thoughts?