Check out Jerrad and Machel Green’s awesome Britney video.

Watch A Couple's Britney Spears-Inspired Pregnancy Announcement

You wanna go viral? You betta work *****!

Expecting parents Jerrad and Machel Green devised a surefire plan to spread the news they’re expecting baby number two: sing a lot of Britney Spears. They filmed a video documenting each stage of Machel’s pregnancy, re-recording Britney songs to relay the message. It included Month 1: Pregnant Again using “Oops I did it again,” Month 2: Nauseous for “Toxic,” Month 3: I’m Avoiding You instead of “I’m A Slave for You,” and Month 4: Little Girl for “Pretty Girls.”

Machel tells of why she made the video:

Thank you so much! My friend Harrison and I share the same love for Brit Brit, and the moment Jerrad (hubby) and I found out we were pregnant for the 2nd time, we knew this would be the way we would want to announce it. Harrison whipped up some spot-on lyrics, and I laid down the Britney vocals that I’d been practicing since I was 15 with my learners permit driving around in my Kia Rio. Ha! The production took us about two weeks to complete, as we were working around our business Vintage Marquee Lights schedule, and a busy toddler’s social calendar. We are beyond ecstatic to welcome this little sweet pea into the world. We hope she’s not too embarrassed by our shenanigans… who are we kidding, she’s probably not gonna wanna be seen with us in her teenage years! Ha! My hubby Jerrad and I hope our kids grown up and find that their parents worked really hard, followed their own paths, weren’t afraid to go after their dreams, were kind to others, and always found time to “play”. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t still play. Celebrate EVERYTHING!

In just a few days, the video’s already received 130,000 views. Watch it below:

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