T-pain has some interesting thoughts on Aaliyah’s legacy.

Was Aaliyah Overrated?

T-pain has some interesting thoughts on Aaliyah’s legacy.

While promoting his new mixtape, The Iron Way, T-Pain discussed one of the CD’s standout tracks, “Girlfriend” featuring unheard vocals by the late singer Aaliyah.

The Internet has been rumbling with opinions on whether T-Pain was worthy of having Aaliyah’s vocals on one of his tracks. T-Pain didn’t take these dissenting opinions too well when he gave a recent interview with Parlé Magazine.

The king of auto-tune was defensive when talking about how the track came to be, saying:

“First of all, let me just say that a lot of people are pissed off about that for some reason. I’m seeing a lot of people directly say, ‘He doesn’t deserve her vocals.’ So I’m trying to figure out what the **** did I do. So what happened was they were doing Aaliyah X album and they came to me for a feature on the album. They had a bunch of sessions and unused tracks from her. So instead of being a **** and charging the **** out of them, I was like, ‘Yo, just give me one of the sessions.’ And they were like, “Cool. We ain’t gotta pay, right?’ It was just like a swap. I did a song for her album and they gave me one for mine.”

He didn’t stop there and went on to say that Aaliyah’s legacy is overhyped:

“People tend to–I don’t know, man. I’m not trying to discredit Aaliyah in any kind of way. But you know how sometimes people die–yeah. You know how somebody’s an ******* their whole life, but when you go to their funeral it’s like, ‘This guy was the greatest man ever.’ No, I’m just sayin’!”

“I’m not saying it’s Aaliyah but it’s like because she passed, nobody is deserving. Nobody is good enough because she passed.”

He then had to throw a Beyoncé comparison in the mix to frustrate anyone who wasn’t already annoyed:

“If she was still alive, then everybody would’ve been like, ‘Oh! She tryna be Beyoncé!’ if she were still alive right now. But now that she’s passed, it’s like, ‘Nobody could be her! Nobody could be her!’ That’s just how I feel. That’s how people are, man. People look for **** to talk about.”

They say all press is good press, but this latest interview seems to be overshadowing the good reviews the mixtape received.

It’s interesting to think about what Aaliyah would have been today. Her death did have a huge impact on how we view her. If she were alive would she have ascended to modern day icon status like Beyoncé, continued to innovate like Rihanna, stall like Ciara or leave the music industry altogether?

Do you think T-Pain is right about Aaliyah’s legacy, or should he have kept his opinion to himself?