“It seemed possible that Spears’ entire fanbase could spontaneously combust at any moment (perhaps this is the cause of the latest round of California wildfires). After all, according to their logic, Britney was back, returned from the hereafter to silence all her critics and reclaim the pop throne. She had beaten her demons and emerged stronger and sexier, and there wasn’t a mean-spirited blog or jealous music critic (or an increasingly disinterested record-buying populace) who could stop her.

And with logic like that, who needs logic? It’s gotten to the point where Britney fans won’t even listen to suggestions that the Spears of 2008 is slightly less globe-uniting than the Spears of 2000. To them, nothing has changed. There were no ******* shots or messy divorces, no shaved heads or stints in rehabilitation facilities. In their minds, no one has left the Britney Camp, and there is no chance her new album might underwhelm, both critically and financially. To be a die-hard Britney Spears fan in 2008 is akin to being a Republican or a Democrat: There is a defensiveness in it, an anger. There is no other alternative to consider, because the alternative is completely wrong.”

They want moarrrr?

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