Dragon Energy! It Appears Madonna And Diplo Have Something Planned For May 8th

April 27, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Madonna and Diplo are about to unleash their dragon energy.


Madonna and Diplo are about to unleash their dragon energy.

Have no idea what that I’m referring to? That means you were sensible enough to keep off of Kanye West’s Twitter timeline this week. The rapper claimed he and Donald Trump share dragon energy, and no one really quite understood what that meant or what to do with that information.



DJ/producer Diplo captioned one of his new photos with the term. “Trying to find my dragon energy,” he said.

It caught Madonna’s attention. The Queen of Pop left a comment saying, “You’ll find it on May 8th.”

WHAT IS HAPPENING ON MAY 8TH? We don’t know yet, obviously, but something is.


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It’s probably too soon to bet on the two releasing music on that date. Fans of the material girl are speculating it’s one of their planned recording sessions together. Diplo’s work on Rebel Heart (“Living For Live,” “Unapologetic *****,” “***** I’m Madonna”) was spot-on. Whatever they’re cooking up… I want a taste!




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