It appears Beyonce and Rihanna have a song together.

It appears Beyonce and Rihanna have a song together.

The Internet is about to break. Out of nowhere, a producer has teased what sounds like a Beyonce and Rihanna collaboration.

The song in question sounds like a mid-tempo banger. At the time of posting, fans of both fanbases were having a hard time believing this could actually be real.

We know both Beyonce and Rihanna are working on new music right now, so in theory the timing of a joint-release would make a lot of sense. Plus, Beyonce is readying a highly-anticipated performance at Coachella next month, and a Rihanna feature would certainly feed the wolves ahead of it.


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Unfortunately, I cannot link you to the clip floating around social media in the event that it is the real deal, but a quick search on Twitter or Instagram will definitely pull up something. I gave it a listen, and it did sound like them. Then again, my heart really wants this to exist – it could have been screaming cats and I would have thought, ‘REAL. IT’S DEFINITELY REAL.’

There are several other plausible theories here. It is an impersonator(s) copying both of their voices, the audio used are never-before-heard demos mashed up or it’s the result of a pretty convincing manipulation of old tracks.

My brain is still trying to process this. Stay tuned…

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