Former child actor Macaulay Culkin is reportedly going to stand by his earlier statements and support singer Michael Jackson in court when his hearing for child molestation takes place.

The ‘Home Alone’ star, who often slept over at Jackson’s Neverland ranch as a child and also appeared in the video of his song ‘Black or White’ has often said that he thinks Jackson is innocent and that he is not one of Jackson’s victims despite the fact that he often shared a bedroom with him.

Insiders however have always maintained that Culkin was also one of the seven children that Jackson is believed to have molested, reports Female First.

Culkin will be joined by Britney Spears’s choreographer, Australian born Wade Robson, who was also a close friend of Jackson’s and will back him during the trials.

“Mac and Wade have always said very clearly from the beginning – nothing ever happened. Michael did not molest them,” the reporter quoted an insider as saying.

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