Though only 21, Wade Robsoon has had a pretty colourful career so far. He has worked with, among others, Michael Jackson, Pink, Aerosmith and Usher.

But it’s his association with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake that really got the dance teacher talked about. Wade was reported to have had a fling with Britney and is widely acknowledged to be the cause of the singer’s split from childhood sweetheart Justin in March 2002.

Wade, however, has never admitted they had an affair and he’s sticking to his story. ”We just worked together,” he insists. ”There’s so much gossip about us. It’s annoying, but I accept that because she’s a big star that’s what was going to happen.”

Wade met Brit when he was 16 and began working for her. He quickly established himself as a firm fixture in her life. ”We met just after er success with Baby one more time, but she wasn’t a diva. She was sweet, fun and full of energy and enthusiasm. That’s what I thought was great about her. Britney was keen to become a lot raunchier so we worked well together.” Thanks

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