Vote: Your Least Favorite Lead Single

With the buzz surrounding Britney’s upcoming lead single off her new studio album, fans started talking about her first single off each album, and what the weakest debut was. “Me Against The Music,” “Womanizer” and “Hold It Against Me” are mentioned the most in the discussion, but do you agree?

“MATM” debuted at #50 on the Billboard Hot 100, and managed to only peak at #35, but features Godonna and was a huge song for Britney professionally. “Womanizer” had a worse start, coming in at #96 opening week, but flew to #1 the following week making it the largest jump to number one and largest jump to any position in the history of the chart. Britney’s much anticipated lead single off Femme Fatale, “Hold It Against Me,” debuted at #1.

All the songs are strong in sales, but what about fandom?