Vote: Yes Or No To A Britney Spears Featuring Iggy Azalea Collaboration

November 21, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Vote: Yes Or No To A Britney Spears Featuring Iggy Azalea Collaboration

It is done. The Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea collaboration happened.

Britney Spears asked her brightest morning star for a collabo with music’s “it” girl, Iggy Azalea, for her new artsy fartsy album – and what the Queen wants, the Queen gets.

Iggy Azalea confirmed she’s already laid down her rap for Brit Brit – for what song we don’t know, but I’ll take this with a grain of salt, get drunk before its premiere and pray homegirl isn’t ruining her legacy.

When Britney said she planned on experimenting with her sound for Album 9, I leaped from my wheelie chair and danced around with my cat (picture that)! I couldn’t decide whether I was so happy to hear Brit’s opting for innovation, or that Will.I.Am would stay the **** away from her. It didn’t matter… PROGRESS.

“I want to do something I’ve never done before,” Britney told Extra in an interview backstage at The Intimate premiere a few weeks back. “Take a left lane and go under a little rock pop.”

Seems she put her blinker on to exit…

Perhaps it isn’t all bad (I mean, it’s not completely horrible. It’s more like, “meh.” That’s the best way I can describe it, forgive me. Or don’t). She could’ve thrown Iggy onto one of her ~I hate men~ songs she said she recorded.

Sorry, Charlie.

I’m self-aware enough to recognize this fury is sparked from my nostalgia of “In The Zone” and “Blackout.” Those albums are defining and iconic in her catalog because they didn’t follow the latest musical trends. I’m probably jumping the gun here, but this is our precious Britney Spears music we’re talking about. We can take no chances.

Better to be safe than sorry!