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Casting your vote could decide 2017’s next Super Bowl halftime show headliner.

After Britney Spears randomly appeared in an NFL commercial during the 2015 Super Bowl (when Katy Perry headlined), fans thought for sure the princess of pop would take the stage in 2016. Not only did she not perform, we’re not entirely convinced she watched the halftime show. Others assumed to be taking the stage included Rihanna, who could’ve used the major platform to promote her new record ANTi, Jennifer Lopez, who just launched her All I Have residency in Vegas and Justin Timberlake (for no particular reason).

We know the events to follow – extensively documented on BreatheHeavy – but it leaves us with the million dollar question lighting up the blogosphere today… who should headline the show in 2017? After all, it’s never too early for a little speculation, right?

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