Vote: What Super Star’s Surprise Release Is On The Way?

A massive, unannounced return is on the horizon, but who?

A massive, unannounced return is on the horizon, but who?

One of my most/least productive pastimes is speculating which one of my favs is gearing up to drop spanking new music without warning. There’s nothing like the anticipation leading up to something unknown; the digital high of hearing fresh tunes, fulfilling our Millennial need of instant gratification. It’s the best, and it’s about to happen.

On the side of Hits Daily Double, there’s a short caption teasing an upcoming story: “Q1’S FIRST BIG SURPRISE | The return of a star.”

There’s a handful of artists we anticipate dropping new music in 2017. Ed Sheeran will definitely premiere his new single on Friday (Jan. 6), so it’s unlikely to be him. Taylor Swift is keen on Quarter 4 releases, so she’s probably out, too. Personally, my money is on Katy Perry, but your guess is as good as mine. That’s where you come in…

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