Kelly needs our help.

Kelly Clarkson needs our help.

Meaning Of Life is one of my favorite albums of 2017. If you haven’t listened to it, fire up Spotify and give it a stream or 10. It’s a seamless evolution for Kelly, and deserves your undivided attention. The record is so good in fact that the singer is having a tough time deciding what the next single should be.

In a new interview with Official Charts, Kelly was informed that the best songs on the album are “Heat,” “Medicine” and “Would You Call That Love,” and I do not see one single lie (justice for “Didn’t I” and “Cruel” though).

“Those are the three everyone says!,” Kelly said. “We’re fighting over ‘Heat’ and ‘Medicine’ for the next single.”

Let’s help our fav out. Between the two, my pick is for “Medicine.” The track is like a celebration. Vote below:

Kelly also opened up about my all-time fav Meaning Of Life track. “‘Would You Call That Love’ almost didn’t make the album because of me,” she admitted. “Craig [Kallman, chairman of Atlantic in the US] fought me on it and told me straight that it was. It’s because I’m hard on myself – the whole album is very sensual, very sassy… I felt like it was the only one that had a different vibe about it, but that was the thing that everyone loved about it. I’m so happy we kept it on there.”

Craig deserves a raise.

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