Vote Britney In Billboard's Fan Army Face-Off

Britney Spears is losing to Keesha in Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off competition, and this is simply unacceptable. Just because BreatheHeavy writes about Kesha now, doesn’t mean we want our girl Brit Brit to lose anything!

From Billboard:

“Only one question remains: which fan army is the strongest? hopes to answer that question with the Fan Army Face-Off, a bracket-style tournament in which various fan armies will square off to prove that they are unequivocally the loudest voices in the pop sphere. We’ve rounded up 32 of the most notable fan armies today, and through five rounds, we’ll let the fans themselves determine which fan armies stride forward, or fall by the wayside. Vote now in Round 1 of the Fan Army Face-Off, and show your support for your favorite artist! Polls close July 11.”

Time to bring it back to the old school days and rally the Britney Army to get our girl the win.

Vote below:

PS – Spearleaders? What?