Britney’s nominated at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards for Best Dance Artist and Best Dance Song for “Till The World Ends.”

And now, fans can vote for Britney in TWO NEW categories: Favorite Artist & Most Influential Style.

The show kicks off in Las Vegas THIS SUNDAY, and I’ll be there as a reporter for OK! Magazine getting the juicy deets. You bet your *** I’ll be asking some big names about Britney on X Factor for you guys. Any negative comments will get an immediate:

**** YOU!!!

No one knows if Britney’ll show, but for now let’s sit back and enjoy this great time to be a Britney fan. While you’re at it, check out this blast from the past: Britney performing “Slave” on the Bellagio water-front at the 2001 Billboard Music Awards.

Don’t forget to VOTE!

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