I must confess, I still believe!

ITV.com‘s asking readers to vote for the best song in the last 60 years. The winning choice will be aired in a primetime series on ITV1 in July!

Britney’s “Baby One More Time” is a contender. She’s up against legends like Elvis, Michael Jackson, Elton John and uhh Lady Gaga.

“2012 sees the 60th anniversary of the first ever UK singles chart. That’s 60 glorious years of songs that define our lives and even reflect the nation’s recent history.

In a primetime series on ITV1 in July, we’ll be telling the stories of 60 unforgettable number one singles; hearing which are the favourite number ones of chart topping artists from across the generations; and finding out from the hit makers what makes a great number one.

You’ve found out more about the contenders for the coveted Number One spot, it’s now your turn to help find The Nation’s Favourite Number One Single! In this first round of voting, in the form below, please select your TOP TEN from the shortlist of 60 Number One singles. Then be sure to come back on the 6th July for the second round to vote for your favourite from the final Top Ten.”

Choose Britney in the first drop down

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