No Britney no VMAs.

No Britney no VMAs.

I bring unfortunate news. The princess of pop will not be available to attend this year’s VMAs. An injustice!

Today, MTV announced the awards show will return to New York City, airing live from Radio City Music Hall on August 20th. Britney has a Piece Of Me show in Dublin, Ireland, that day. Perhaps the network will arrange a special performance from Britney’s show that day to air instead? Prayney.


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See what Exhale is saying about this.

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“New York City’s creative energy has always fueled those who live and work here,” said NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio via Rolling Stone. “This is where music, film, and art collide and where the Video Music Awards were born. There is no better place to host the MTV VMAs than in New York City at one of the most iconic venues in the world.”

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One of the best parts of the VMAs is all of the speculation and rumors surrounding whether Britney will appear/perform leading up to the show, and that’s already debunked!

I’ll have to cope by playing Britney’s Aretha Franklin cover on loop. MTV… FIX IT!

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