Now that Britney’s team has confirmed Britney will not be performing at the 2008 VMAs, new rumors have begun to circulate as to what exactly she’ll be doing there. According to, Britney is “desperate to appear on the show as a presenter,” and wants to do so with swimming-phenomenon Michael Phelps – who recently won 8 gold medals at the Olympics in Beijing. But maybe Phelps isn’t the gold Britney’s looking for…

Yesterday lead fans to believe a Britney performance was back on when they published an entry saying “A very big pop thing is coming. And we can’t tell you about it. We have been told not to tell you. If we tell you we will be in a lot of trouble. Sorry. :(” But this time it wasn’t about Britney. Apparently.

TMZ is reporting that MTV is moving on from a possible Britney performance, and pushing for a Michael Jackson appearance. Rumor has it MJ will present an award with lil sis Janet.

Give Janet the boot! I want to see a Britney-Michael reunion, except this time he gives HER the award. Ya dig?

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