Visitation Rights Restored!!!

February 22, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Britney Spears will be allowed to visit her children “soon, very soon,” after lawyers hammered out a structured visitation arrangement, Kevin Federline’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan tells PEOPLE.

Kaplan confirmed Friday that he and his partner Jim Simon spent two days working with Spears’s legal team. Under the terms of the agreement, details of which Kaplan would not disclose, Jayden, 1, and Preston, 2, will once again enjoy “participation of their mother in their lives,” Kaplan says.

“We’re pleased that … the process of reinstating the children’s mother as a participant in their lives can commence,” said Kaplan.

Spears, 26, has not seen her boys since her Jan. 3 custody stand-off with police, leading to her first forced hospitalization in a psych ward.

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Britney has won her visitation rights back — with strings attached. We’re told lawyers for both sides have hashed out a deal in which Britney will get visitation in a theraputic setting. Commissioner Scott Gordon has signed off on the agreement.

It’s a deal more tha a week in the making. The parties have agreed in principal last weekend to a deal but it fell apart in court last Tuesday.

We’re told K-fed is down with Britney seeing the kids again.

The kids can visit with momma, provided Jamie Spears and her psychiatrist are present. There are other strings, but at a minimum Jamie and the shrink are required.

We’re told both sides are impressed that Jamie has stabilized Britney and the whirlwind surrounding her crazy life, and that’s a core reason why a deal was struck.

Sources say Britney will begin seeing her kids again imminently.



“Yes, it’s true but the judge still has to sign off on it and fax it over. If that happens tonight, then then Ms. Spears will be seeing her boys very soon after that. But it’s not a total done deal yet. Let’s just say that my partner Jim Simon and I have been working for two days and nights on this, and it will involve many more specific terms to be met than just those two people in the room. We have put lots of specific terms, conditions and protections in place to make visitation happen in the safeest way possible. None of this would not have happened if Jamie Spears had not been involved. That’s for sure. He gets a lot of credit for helping make this happen. But we’ve worked very hard with the conservator lawyers, as well, to make this all work.”

– Mark Vincent Kaplan in a statement to