Is Justin Bieber OK?

Is Justin Bieber OK?

I’d be lying if I said JB look totally fine, but this video of him posing with a group of friends on the red carpet for the premiere of Patrick Schwarzenegger‘s new movie, Midnight Sun, on Thursday (March 15) is really odd.

As the photographers snap away, Bieber is blinking like he’s completely malfunctioning (I suppose it could be the burst of flashes hehhhh???). Prepared to be super uncomfortable.


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It’s worth mentioning this is Bieber’s first red carpet appearance since cancelling the duration of his Purpose Tour last July. The pop star has been hard at work on his new album since, and dating on-again off-again former flame, Selena Gomez (they’re off again). I hope homeboy is alright, cause this is not the tea.

Watch the moment unfold below:


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17 Responses

  1. It’s likely a reaction to the flicking sounds and lights of the camera; I’ve had this happen a couple of times. Not with paparazzi or anything extreme, but with photos being taken.

      1. She looks zoned out AF. She looks high or drunk. Even her demeanor is glazed over. Unkempt hair, face is breaking out. Is she taking care of herself?

  2. It almost looks like he was doing it purposefully so they don’t have any super usable photos of him. Kind of petty, but it would be a good way to cut back on photographer interest in the future.

  3. he is on something , thats for sure , that guy is not ok since a long time ago, not giving any interviews , weird behavior , kinda like 2007ney , i think is mental + drugs. Oh and he’s so so disrespectful with fans , media on OK places like this one……. And all his friends there with a smile from ear to ear and he is just there with his lost eyes.
    ….Tik -tok….

  4. It’s definitely drugs, he’s acting weird from beginning to end, it’s not just the fast blinking. He moves like a robot and has a blank stare on his face…

  5. he & his zits should see a dermatologist………all that money & what a hot mess he is!
    he is just gross now & I guess all that fast living has caught up with him making him
    look haggard!

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