Making money moves!

Cardi B is an it girl!

The rapper’s fame has reached stratospheric heights in the last year. She’s broken Billboard records, landed at No. 1, performed at the Grammys and now stars in an ad for Amazon’s echo set to air during the Super Bowl LII on Sunday (Feb. 4). You know, the sporting event that hundreds of millions of people tune in for.

In the clip, Amazon concocts an elaborate plan to keep their product online after Alexa loses her voice.

Cardi plays up her quirky charm and sings a bit of “Bodak Yellow” (even when requested not to). It also features cameos from an angry Gordon Ramsay, a naughty Rebel Wilson and Anthony Hopkins channeling Hannibal Lector.

Damn, Cardi really is making money moves.

Watch below:

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