If This Video Of Britney Working Out To “Get Naked” Doesn’t Inspire You To Hit The Gym, Nothing Will

February 8, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Britney got to work work!

Britney got to work work!

Britney showed of her hawt boday with a sizzling string of clips of her working out in her home gym soundtracked to Blackout classic, “Get Naked.”

She captioned the video, “Gearing up for summer!!!”

I’d like to remind you it’s only winter and we’ve got spring still. Homegirl’s body is going to be ready for Miss Universe ahead of the Piece Of Me World Tour am I right?

As for the clip, there’s a couple of things worth noting here:

■ Britney is wearing pink short-shorts with polka dots on them. Pop’s Mini Mouse.

■ There’s a miniature (I’m talking microscopic) chaise lounge chair. I hope she takes rest breaks on it. That would be really freaking cute.

■ Also, that framed photo of two people under her mirror. I want to know who the Queen is looking at when she needs some quick fitness inspo.

■ Her dumbbells and kettlebells are neon-yellow and I appreciate that.

■ Last but certainly not least. Actually, it’s probably the most important part: Britney does a backbend and the splits. When will your favs? Exactly.


Gearing up for summer!!! ⭐?⭐

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