I repeat, Britney Spears runs into a glass door.

Video: Britney Runs Into A Glass Door

Britney kicks off her “Pretty Girls” promotional tour by participating in Funny or Die’s April Fools joke by running into a glass door.

A bunch of A-list stars recorded 1.5-second videos called “Dips” to promote Funny or Die’s April Fools joke for “Dips,” their pretend social media platform that loops 1.5-second videos – poking fun at Instagram and Vine.

“Dip will be an interactive video-sharing platform that will be a second and a half,” Funny or Die cofounder Adam McKay tells ET. “We found that a second and a half is the optimal amount of time for creativity, communication and sharing. So we went in and secured a loan for 80 million dollars.”

Jon Hamm has one singing Freak Nasty hit “Da ‘Dip,” Arnold Schwarzenegger spouts his famous Predator one-liner, “Get to the choppa” and Britney bumps into a glass door like shattered glaa-ee-***.

It’s technically an April Fools joke, but for real Britney does run into a glass door.

Watch Britney’s Dip here.