Someone spike a volleyball in her face and shut this ***** up.

Victoria Prince was recently interviewed about being Kevin Federline’s new girlfriend. Compelling, I know.

“Sure, it’s hard being apart but I don’t feel threatened by Britney,” Prince told regarding Kevin traveling with Britney on her “Circus” tour. “I’m a confident woman too!”

“I think it’s great that Kevin and Britney are working together for their sons,” she said.

While Kevin is being paid $5000 a week to be on tour with Britney, Prince house-sits Kevin’s home in Tarzana, conveniently not saying whether she will be joining Kevin on tour or not.

“Everything is good between us and everybody is trying to make the best of the situation,” Prince added with a smile. “At the end of the day, the boys’ needs are being met with this arrangement.”

Prince claims the new-found “stardom” can be “difficult” to deal with at times, but plans on staying grounded.

“I just try and stay as normal as I can.”

$5 says you stopped reading half-way through. Meaning you probably won’t even read this. In that case, your mom’s a *****; go **** a fat one.

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