A must-see for Spice fans.

Posh Spice is back.

When Victoria Beckham joined James Corden in his famous car, Spice Girls fans around the world screamed in harmony at the thought of hearing Posh sing “Mama” and “Who Do You Think You Are” in 2017.

I mean, would she do her solo stuff? Also, why is she – the ultra-glam high fashion designer – singing again?

Well, VB’s skit debuted last night during The Late Late Show and it was half-Carpool Karaoke, half-Coming To America as the pair of Brits remake the ‘80s film “Mannequin”, with Beckham as the mannequin, of course.

Victoria’s humour and self-deprecation has always been a campy treat, and it almost overshadows the brilliance that is seeing her sing “Spice Up Your Life” throughout the faux trailer.

Watch below.

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