The Spice Girls reunion is down a Spice.

The Spice Girls reunion is down a Spice.

The talk of a reunion tour is growing tiresome, and it’s not the Spice Girls’ fault. There’s a lot of speculation surrounding what the ladies will do if they get the band back together again.

Here’s what we think we know: TMZ says a reunion tour in in the books. They claim there’s even signed contracts already in place.

Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham went on the record to say there is no Spice Girls reunion tour in the works. And if there is, she won’t be part of it. So rude.

TMZ’s Paparazzi caught up with American Idol creator Simon Fuller, the man who’s masterminding the Spice Girls’ return, and asked him a couple of important questions. There’s talk the ladies will perform at the Royal Wedding. He literally laughed out loud at that. Then the camera man asked whether Victoria signed on to the tour or not.

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“It may be four not five,” he said.

At this point… FINE. She clearly doesn’t want to do it and I think everyone will be better off spending their energy on the girls that want to. I can’t write about this one more time (I can).

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